Why JellyX

Pollution, climate change and natural and human-induced disasters are affecting the aquaculture market worldwide. Episodes of rapid and uncontrolled jellyfish blooms harmful for the fish stocks and the human are increasing year over year, affecting the loss of profit of marine aquaculture.

To solve these problems, ColomboSky developed JellyX, a monitoring tool for the identification of jellyfish swarms, and the prediction of their movements based on knowledge of oceanographic patterns. Aquaculture companies, actively seeking for effective solutions to that problems, will use JellyX to predict and monitor this issue in advance in order to have time to activate loss minimization plans to safeguard the profit of their farming sites.

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Integration of Copernicus Marine Service information

JellyX service mainly relies on Copernicus Marine Service products. JellyX focus is, during its initial phase, on the Mediterranean Basin therefore the Copernicus Marine Service products used in the context of this work are limited to the Mediterranean Sea and concern satellite datasets and biogeochemical models.
Combining the use of the newest Copernicus satellites and Copernicus Marine Service products and novel early detection algorithms, JellyX will extend the catalogue of Copernicus Marine Service products bringing tangible benefits to new user communities.

CMEMS Region: Mediterranean Sea

Areas of Benefits

Marine and Coastal Environment

Water quality


Tourism activities

Maritime Safety

Environmental Hazards

Marine Resource

Fish stock management

Biological characteristics

Fisheries & Aquaculture

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