Fish 2.0, an organisation that fosters entrepreneurship in sustainable fishing and aquaculture, regularly holds a Global Innovation Forum to bring innovators together in a seafood startup competition with the aim of growing the sustainable seafood sector.

In the occasion of Fish 2.0 2017 Innovation Forum at Stanford University, Jason Smith reported on ColomboSky being awarded its first international prize (Undercurrentnews). ColomboSky was amongst 40 finalists from around the world pitching to investors their innovations for the seafood industry. The company was awarded the ICX prize for its solution for protecting aquaculture industry from environmental threats and optimising fish farming.

Unique to the competition, ColomboSky focuses on providing large-scale and reliable information to fish farmers using satellite technology to monitor a wide range of biological, physical and chemical parameters, including chlorophyll and temperature which can help track jellyfish outbreaks and algal blooms that often devastate fish farms. If blooms are identified and tracked in time farmers can implement the right mitigation strategies, thus significantly improving the industry resilience.