In an interview to EURACTIV.COM Pierre Delsaux, responsible for Space Policy and EU Satellite Navigation Programmes at the European Commission, explains the European Union’s plans for staying at the forefront of technological development. Copernicus, the EU’s earth observation programme, aims at unlocking the potential of satellite images in the EU economy, by supporting the use of satellite data to create new applications and services. ColomboSky is one of the European start-ups developing innovative services within the Copernicus programme. With the only satellite-based service specifically designed for the aquaculture industry, ColomboSky perfectly addresses one of the priorities of Copernicus, water resource management. The applications of AquaX, ColomboSky’s water quality monitoring service, are not limited to aquaculture but involve also monitoring of marine pollution and oil spills, delivering benefits to people on the ground or, better said, on the water.